Welcome to Spot-on Healthcare
Welcome to Spot-on Healthcare

Meet the team...

Antony- driver


... but we like to call him Ant! He's the one that gets everyone to the right place at the right time!


In Ant's words...


"I'm originally from Leicester but moved to Corby/Kettering area in the 1980's.

I'm a twin (Gemini) with twin boys, who are my pride & joy.

My main passion/interest in life is music - all sorts from punk to soul, rock to reggae.

                                    I enjoy cooking, travel & art, and occasionally have a go at juggling.

                                    Nothing pleases me more than bringing a smile into people's lives."

Neeave- Office admin aka Nosy Neeave


.....Yes she is a talker!!!


In Neeave's words...


"My name's Neeave and I’m 19 years old. I always knew from a young age that I wanted a job working with people and helping people. My wanting to work in healthcare stemmed from personal experience with my own and my family’s health.


Working with Spot-on has helped me fulfil my goal of working closely with people. I speak to clients and family members all the time which I love because I love to talk, I’m a talker! When I’m not at work I like socialising with my friends and being with all my animals." 


Skye- Senior Support Worker


...The calm and cool one of the bunch!!


"I enjoy my role at Spot-on because no day is the same, and you know that you're helping someone else's day become easier!

I have two children and an American Akita. In my spare time, I love to take the kids out and spend time with family.

Nancy- Senior Support Worker


<< details coming soon >>

Felicia- Care Worker

<<details coming soon >>

Taona- Manager aka Mr T


<<details coming soon>>

Bridget - Manager 


Hi, I'm Bridget. I have three beautiful children with my hubby :). I love all things beautiful about life... Travelling, shopping, singing and even writing music! One of my biggest passions is to help people and develop them into achieving their greatest potential! If you spend too much time around me... you'll have no choice but to grow ;)


At Spot-on Healthcare we genuinely care about our service users and building relationships is what it's all about! If we care enough to know to know the real person, we surely can't go wrong in providing the best care possible. Please take time to read what our service users say about us on the homecare.co.uk website.


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